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 Queens Winching

If you look at the services Friendly Express Towing offers, you would be surprised at the variety. You would also be surprised of the fact that these services are offered all through the week, every hour of the day. That’s right! We operate 24 hours a day so that anyone who is in trouble at any time of the day or night can seek out our assistance when no one else is available. That is what sets up apart from most other towing companies in Queens NY. We offer a greater variety of services and are accessible by all at all times.

Since we are a towing company, we have various kinds of towing facilities available as well. The kind of towing service we use depends on the circumstances. As stated on another page on our website, we offer flatbed. That is when a vehicle is loaded onto a flat surface which is attached to the back of our tow truck. In other circumstances, we have services like winching. Winching is when we attach the vehicle to our tow truck with a strong rope that can haul the vehicle to the desired location. The rope has to be very strong and towing is a slow and careful process.

Winching is used in circumstances when the car can be hauled without aggravating the problem. Winching could be used for towing in Queens NY if you have run out of gas and need to be transported to a gas station. Winching could be used if your car is having trouble starting or if you have lost your car keys. Winching, however, would not be appropriate for a time when you have a flat tire since that can be dangerous. Friendly Express Towing makes sure that each towing service is used appropriately without causing any additional damage to the vehicle itself.

When you do decide to hire Friendly Express Towing, you will come to the conclusion that this Queens towing company for winching is the best one that you have ever come to. That is because we have instant service and we take care of our customers. We also take extreme care of the vehicle that needs to be towed since we believe that no damage occurring is the best situation. Other companies are not very careful and can be a little reckless, causing more damage and leading you to spend more money.

Our prices are affordable, our customer service is great, our towing service all through Queens NY is exceptional and service is of the highest quality. We hope that you continue to browse our website so that you can learn more about our company before you decide to hire us. We want you to be convinced of the high quality of the services that Friendly Express Towing offers and we want to deliver nothing less!